Sunday, April 12, 2009

Letters to Peru

Dear Dad,

Things here are back to normal, as you can probably tell because you are reading this. Or is it because I am writing it?

We got the packages you sent. Jack’s parents say ‘thank you’ for the statues. They are beautiful. His sisters liked the jewelry. Ellie refuses to part with the horse carving.

Jack just now finished putting up the last of the set of tiles you sent, above all the doors and windows like your instructions said. He and his dad are going to put the rest up at our house later today. I don’t spend a lot of time there, much, anyways.

It is nice having Jack back at school. His head is all better, now. We’re both caught up with all the makeup work. Jack’s sisters were a big help.

We’ve been spending a lot of time in the school library — the librarian there, Mrs. Simms got me some books from the state university through inter-library loan.

I have been very careful the past couple weeks, and it seems like things are back to “normal.” But I’m noticing that I get more and more tired the closer we get to the new moon…. I hope I can stay awake through Thanksgiving dinner. I’m so excited — I’ve never had a “normal” holiday dinner before. Sorry, dad, but going out that night instead of eating TV dinners really didn’t count as “normal.” It’s okay, though. They say you are invited next year.

Keep digging around and finding things. I will do the same here. Don’t worry about me — Jack does enough of that for the both of you.

You were right. He is a very good friend. I am glad I stayed, and even more glad to be “back.” I hope to never leave again.

Yes, I said “hope.” I have some of that back now too.

Keep sending postcards so we know you are still safe.

All my love,



Jack won some kind of contest that his art teacher entered him in. Now we have to put together a portfolio to show at some art gallery in the capital. Jack is all nervous, but he’ll be fine, because I’m going with him. Please sign the permission slip that I enclosed and fax it to the school so I don’t have to forge your signature again.

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